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What can the most advanced Form Toolbox do for me?
Create new forms (contact forms, order forms, surveys, registration forms, membership reservation forms, etc.) in a breeze. Forget downloads and complicated installations - all you need is your browser. (https://iqoption.net/fintech-affiliate)
Upload any existing form from your server using the 1-Step Wizard. Form will be integrated in less than 1 minute. Nothing to configure. Use your custom-designed form and combine it with the flexibility of Whiz-Mail. Since the Form is hosted on our server you can benefit from sophisticated security features such as SSL. (More Info)
Profit from the most extensive Form Toolbox on the internet! Upload, export, analyze and visualize your form data. Autoresponders and Trigger E-Mails create a fully-automated Visitor Communication Center and Switchboard for internal followup - 24/7! Integrates seamlessly into your website's Look and Feel.
Simple to use! Step by step documentation as well as rich multimedia Flash Animations for your guidance. Test our lightning-fast support team in case of further queries or problems!
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Whiz-Mail Service Highlights:
You can design Results Pages and E-Mails at Whiz-Mail using our WYSIWYG (=What You See Is What You Get) Editor. Because of the resemblance with everyday desktop applications, you will have no problems creating stunning, professional-looking designs!

Custom Solutions
Whiz-Mail's Team provides professional development for corporate websites with specific demands: We create searchable and structured listing-pages with images and automated account maintenance - completely integrated into Whiz-Mail's application with all its modules and features. Design will integrate seamlessly into your existing website. Manage database online, approve or decline records, create graphs, autoresponders or notification e-mails. A system which would cost you thousands of dollars and hours of maintenance available at a fraction of its price!
SSL & RC4 Encryption
SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
Upload forms to our SSL server to avoid interception of confidential data in forms. SSL servers normally cost hundreds of dollars yearly!
Additionally, encrypt sensitive data using military-strength encryption algorithms. Online decryption tool and offline decryption software available for free!
Data handling options
Browse and maintain the submission database in real time online, export it to MS Excel or similar applications, create graphs online (see illustration below) or generate a printer-friendly listing of all your submissions!

Trigger E-Mails
Trigger E-Mails allow input-specific handling of submissions. Configure filters which, if triggered, send a custom E-Mail to a recipient of your choice. No programming skills required!


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